So many new ideas and thought waves have been coming to me lately. From new products, to collaborating with others on projects I have been wanting to do for a long time now, I am breaking out of what used to scare me and hold me back from just being creative. 

Breaking out of old patterns, trying new techniques, and being inspired by everything in my daily life. Even the ugly stuff. Finding the beauty in that, finding the beauty in what can be transformed. Taking inspired action when those moments of pure insight come through. I act on intuition, impulse, motivation when it seems just right; perhaps later on it will subside but for now I am excited to let it out and embrace what I create along the way. This is the beauty of "trusting the process", I finally fully understand what that means. It's not just some quote to live by, it's not just "living in the moment", it's the fuck ups and funny stories you will be able to tell, the "miracles" and magical moments you experienced along the way.