“Surrender” Original Painting

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18 x 24”, Oils over Acrylic on Canvas

“Surrender” has been the theme in my life lately. 🕊️
Learning to enjoy the journey along the way, the hardest part.

I can’t wait to share my story,
the work that’s been going on in real life…

Just a hint, right now I’m working on a new painting series and launching some special collections this year. Here’s a painting that started me off in the right healing direction towards my long term dreams.

I’ve never believed in myself more than I do right now.
Sobriety and daily healing rituals were key to the clarity I was seeking this whole time. I’ve finally arrived in seeing myself for what I am worth, my inner strength will only grow from here.

It has taken me 7-8 years to get to this point of finally being where I was always supposed to be in my “career”, but more importantly, in my purpose.

Finally on the mission I was always meant for.