“The Ace of Patience” Original Painting

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“The Ace of Patience”

A combination of the Ace of Pentacles & The Page of Pentacles. This represents manifestation into physical reality, stability, the beginning stages of tangible goals. The page: an apprentice, a scholar, a student of the game of life learning to build things with their own hands, holding the pentacle of knowing what one is capable of.

This pentacle was the page’s elemental gift from Spirit.
Earth element.

It will be used to grow their expertise, laying down the ground work, investments, projects that can lead to long-term security. This also represents the physical body and taking care of it to continue the physical work.

The page is the beginner, but ambitious and knows whatever they begin they must finish. Methodical, disciplined, consistent. Learning everything they can along the way.

They know one day they want to buy land with this one pentacle, they know it will multiple with their drive and knowledge, they want to become an architect, be connected with nature, to build, and be a provider in everyway.

They have faith with the journey and opportunities ahead, regardless of what others may think. But this all requires patience, and understanding that from the beginning of any project or event taking place. Patience has been my key word. As well as taking care, nurturing and staying curious along the way. 🌟


24 x 24”, Acrylic on Canvas


Probably one of my favorite more recent pieces, from a sketchbook drawing and inspired by two of my favorite tarot cards I’ve been pulling lately.